The Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians in the World

Pic shows: Maja Pavlovic, politician for the ruling Socialist Party of Serbia After winning a medal in the European leg of the Women's Bikini Fitness Contest in Spain, cardiologist Maja Pavlovic, 23, who posed for these raunchy photos has had patients queueing down the street in her Serbian homeland. And not content with being a fashion icon and a qualified medic, Maja is also a politician for the ruling Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), saying that she is keen to get even more involved in politics. She had already been elected as a councillor in her home city of Cacak in southern Serbia. According to the daily tabloid newspaper Telegraf which commissioned these pictures, the snaps are not for someone with a faint heart. Yet despite that, according to the paper:

Voters prefer beauty and competent looks in general, but they also use beauty as a cue for conservatism in low-information elections. Increased importance of television and the internet as well as increased political mobility of voters may have improved the electoral chances of the right.

Why? It gives us deeper insights about how political processes (and indeed human beings) work.

  1. Not everything in politics is about facts or values: people also matter. Not least their beauty.
  2. This enables us to ask: Is this a good or bad thing?
  3. Good: Cues may be good approximations of quality.
  4. Bad: May disfavor the competent and ugly and systematically favor one political side.
  5. Institutional implications:
  6. Electoral system: proportional vs. majoritarian.
  7. List system: candidate vs. party choice.

Beauty is a serious issue – but also an enjoyable one to study!

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