Breaking News! Guess Who Just Dropped Out Of The Presidential Race!

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Ever since Donald Trump entered the Republican race for President two short months ago, his name is the only one most people have talked about. His strong stance on legal immigration, which many have deemed racist, has been the leading ideology of his campaign.

*****UPDATE ON 22 December 2015 ******

It appears South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has decided to drop out of the race! Thank God! He never had enough of the polls rating to even get on the big stage with the big guys and has done nothing but bash Trump, so good riddance!


The following is from the original article, announcing Scott Walker’s decision to drop out of the race a couple of months before Graham dropped out.


Trump has overshadowed all other Republican candidates by a large margin. As such, a man who’d recently slid into last place in the polls, Scott Walker, has decided to drop out of the race. Rumors suggest a massive, corrupt land deal he participated in just this past weekend was going to break to the media, and he knew it would be the nail in his coffin, so he decided to bow out gracefully before the media could make short order of him over the land deal.

Walker is known for corruption in the state of Wisconsin, and many believe he bought off his last victory. Much of the state’s land he’s sold to billionaires has been land held in public trusts that is not to be used for private, residential purposes, but Walker has proven that if the price paid for such land is big enough, he’ll cut a deal with anyone.

So, now Trump looms even larger over the remaining candidates, and no one is even mentioning the names Hillary or Bernie.


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