Breaking News! The Pope Got Shot!

pope francis shot

Breaking News! The world watches as Pope Francis delivers the first ever speech before the U.S. Congress! Separation of church and state? Doesn’t look like it.

pope historic speech

As usual, King Pontiff decrees that those who have money should give to those who don’t, unquestionably. Mention is never made of trying to figure out how to pass on work ethic, instead. The only charity that is worth a damn is the kind that will eventually require charity no longer being needed at all, but with the majority of the earth’s population being the ‘have-nots’ this message isn’t quite as popular.

church money

The Catholic Church has enough wealth to end world poverty several times over, yet they don’t. Why is it they want everyone else to give their money away, but not their own?

Is it any wonder assasination attempts have been made on the King Pontiff’s life in the past, like in 1981. The video below shows the Pope at that time being shot.

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