(Pictorial) Ugly Celebrities With Smoking Hot Daughters!

cd 1

Eddie Murphy with his smoking hot daughters, above.

cd 2

Mr. Bean with his smoking hot daughter, above.

cd 3

Lenny Kravits (who’s not too bad) with his smoking hot daughter, above. And she did inherit Lisa Bonnet’s genes, too.

cd 4

Donald Trump with his beautiful daughter, Ivana, on the right. It helps that the mothers of all his children were foreign super models.

cd 5

Sly has several beautiful daughters, but since they’re under eighteen, we really can’t refer to them as ‘smoking hot’ without feeling a little creepy, so check back with us in a few years and we will.

cd 6

And thank God the smoking hot daughter produced below, Kate Hudson, got her mother’s looks. And no facial hair.

cd 7

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