Looks Like President Obama Took Away The Rest Of Our Privacy While We Slept

Obama privacy

Did you know that if you are younger than 28 years old, privacy has NOT existed in your lifetime? The first attack on privacy, as most of us can remember, came with the “Patriot Act” which MOST Americans actually supported at the time due to the then recent Muslim attacks of 9-11. However, if you thought the Patriot Act was bad, it just got worse under CISA. CISA is a federal law, now, having been signed into law while we were literally in our beds last night sleeping. This new law, buried deeply as pork barrel in the new federal budget, allows Government AND corporations to access your social media sites WITHOUT your permission or even your knowledge! This, all in an attempt to “keep us safe!”

obama tongue

Hussein Obama has taken away more rights from law abiding Americans than any President in U.S. history, and the sorry sack of shi* still has one more year to go!

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