Wendy’s Pissed Him Off So He Threw A Very Unique Deadly Weapon Through Their Drive-Thru Window!

gator window

The internet has been abuzz lately with crazy stories associated with fast food restaurant drive through windows. There was the douche bag who lured a homeless man to the window two months ago, under the belief he was going to give him some free food, only to throw a cup of water on him.

Then, there were the ghetto queens about a month before that, one in the car, one in the window, who got into an argument over fried chicken, which ended up with one ghetto queen pulling the other ghetto queen out of the window and giving her a proper ghetto queen beat-down.

Now comes a story like you’ve never heard. 23 year old Joshua James, a Florida man, recently picked up a 3 feet long alligator along the side of the road, went to Wendy’s, was obviously upset with the service, then chucked the alligator through the drive-thru window. He’s since been charged with assault with a deadly weapon as well as illegally possessing a wildlife species.

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gator in restro


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